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Hotel Management System

Hoteliers can run their property from anywhere with Hoteliga’s online, cloud-based hotel management platform. The program is mobile friendly and works with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops providing easy access to payments, bookings, and customer information. The comprehensive hotel management platform allows hoteliers to complete all necessary tasks online.

All You Need To Manage Your Hotel Business

Hoteliers and accommodation owners can perform all of their tasks with Hoteliga’s cloud system and, manage their homes, rentals, and hotels from anywhere through the mobile platform. It has been thoroughly tested across a variety of operating systems and runs seamlessly.

The hospitality business is heavily affected by statistics and reports, and Hoteliga gives property owners to a variety of reports anytime from any device. Hotel owners enjoy increased confidence in decision-making as they harness the information of Hoteliga’s reports. With its integration abilities, property owners can transfer all of their information to the Hoteliga platform seamlessly and without concern about lost data. Servers are secure and protected, meaning all data is safe.

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User-Friendly Interface image

User-Friendly Interface

Whether you are a tech whiz or barely know how to use a computer, you’ll be able to easily navigate our hotel management system.

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Affordable Price

Our product costs less than any of our competitors without sacrificing quality or requiring a long-term commitment.

Ongoing Improvements image

Ongoing Improvements

Our experts are always working to improve our platform based on our customer’s feedback and needs.

Product features

Safe and Secure Invoicing

Keep track of your reservation payments and invoice your customers from one easy-to-use app. Control your revenue and outstanding balances with just a click.

Elite Reporting Ability

You can access your reports from anywhere at time, with the added bonus of being able to print or export them to other platforms.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Keep in touch with your customers and ensure good reviews and retention with a variety of communication methods.

Housekeeping Scheduling

You can set your room cleaning schedule by hand or automatically generate them through our hotel management system.

Hassle-Free Reservations Management

Integrate with multiple online booking systems and easily control your pricing and monitor your reservations.

Total Customisation

Our hotel management platform can be tailored to your language, currency, environment, and style of usage.

Loyalty Rewards

Hoteliga can manage price lists, special offers, booking discounts, and rewards programs with ease.

Great User Experience

With our advanced technology, you’ll benefit from rapid results and responsive design.

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Why us?

We Listen

Stride Technology’s team of experienced consultants will listen to your needs and shape the best solution to meet your business’ specific requirements.

We Deliver

Our experts go above and beyond to deliver the highest service levels so that you can focus on running your business.

We Care

Your business is important to us and we’ll support you on your journey to success.

We Accommodate

We do everything possible to accommodate your requests and iron out issues in your unique scenario.

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Stride Technology forms part of Harvest, the Hili Ventures Technology Division. Harvest delivers system engineering, software development, security solutions, e-payments platform, business intelligence as well as other IT Services. With Harvest management expertise, technological prowess and operation excellence is guaranteed.

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